EastEnders airs Alfie Moon’s return on Kat Slater wedding day

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has aired Alfie Moon’s return on Kat Slater’s wedding day.

The long-awaited moment capped off Monday’s episode (September 12) as Kat readied herself to tie the knot with current partner Phil Mitchell.

Kat was facing chaos on all sides, first when Mo Harris made a surprising return to Walford and then Shirley Carter warned Kat that her marriage to Phil would never work out.

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Though Stacey Slater convinced Kat it was right to take the leap with Phil, neither had any clue that Sharon Watts was making a last-ditch effort to win her ex-husband back once again.

Sharon tried to remind Phil of old times with a picture of them from years ago, yet was crushed as Phil insisted to her that he was going ahead with marrying Kat.

Her brother Zack managed to misconstrue the whole situation in front of Kat, making her believe Phil was considering getting back with Sharon.

Phil managed to convince Kat he was very much moving forward with her, and after putting Sharon in her place, Kat decided to go ahead with the wedding.

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Neither knew about Bert and Ernie’s secret plotting to get Alfie back to Walford until Tommy arrived to break the news.

Kat then rushed to the door after a knock to find her ex-husband Alfie flashing a smile on her doorstep with a greeting: “Hiya, Kat.”

Shane Richie recently told Digital Spy that fans can expect all the usual trouble because it’s still “the old Alfie”, constantly scheming to get ahead.

“You know, the guy who looked after his Nana Moon and wore his heart on his sleeve and tries to make light of everything. Through his own innocence and naivety, he still gets it wrong,” he said.

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“The drama only works on a show like this when you get the light and the shade and I’m happy to come in and bring the lightness. If we can get Alfie getting up to his old tricks and his scams – if you get that right, then the drama is so much more dramatic.

“I’m happy to come and play the joker because that means the drama is so much greater.”

EastEnders airs on Mondays-Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer.

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