Coronation Street spoilers – Martin Hancock on Spider’s secret

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed Spider Nugent’s shocking secret – and it could be very bad news for Toyah Habeeb.

Monday’s episode (September 12) ended with a bombshell twist, as Spider was seen meeting secretly with no-nonsense DS Swain.

Spider is working in Weatherfield as an undercover police officer, focusing on a specific case. Although this is unrelated to Toyah’s upcoming trialDS Swain is putting pressure on Spider to get her talking about Imran’s death.

Probably not a good idea for Toyah to confess her guilt to Spider in this week’s episodes, then…

Digital Spy recently caught up with Martin Hancock, who plays Spider, to hear more about the twist.

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Did you always know this was the plan for Spider? Did it have an impact on your decision to return?

“I didn’t know initially when I signed up to return, but it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway.

“It’s interesting and it’s not what you expect from Spider, which is great. It’s just a way of progressing the character and a new idea for him. He’s still a very committed activist, but he’s doing it from inside the system.”

Spider has had his fair share of run-ins with the police. Were you surprised that he’d make this career move?

“I don’t know, it’s a strange one because there comes a point where you think: ‘Can I get more done inside the system?’

“I can’t give it all away, but there’s quite a powerful backstory behind why Spider went into the police. It’s very powerful, actually. In my mind, the explanation works. Even though, as you say, he’s had a few run-ins himself and hasn’t been an angel.”

This seems to open up a lot more storyline opportunities for Spider…

“Definitely. There’s a few issues in the world today which we’re going to address. There’s some quite nasty stuff going on, and we’re going to start dipping into that.

“At the same time, he’s still Spider but he’s just getting a bit more radical, in a way, because what he’s doing is going after some very dangerous stuff.”

How hard has it been to keep this plot twist to yourself?

“It’s been hilarious trying to keep it to myself. The amount of sleuth work that my friends have been up to, trying to find out what it is, and all the little games they play to try and wheedle it out of you!

“It’s been quite difficult but also quite fun and I’ve enjoyed some of the speculation as well. It’s been quite fun.”

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How does Spider feel about the position he’s now in with Toyah?

“It’s very difficult for him. The one person in the world he doesn’t want to mislead or hurt is Toyah.

“The truth of the matter is that he absolutely adores Toyah. But he’s also got his work to get on with. It’s difficult – and it’s a fine line that he’s treading.”

How hard is Spider being pushed by DS Swain to get information on Toyah’s case?

“He’s being pushed very hard by DS Swain, who is played brilliantly by Vicky Myers. You couldn’t meet somebody who’s further away from the character she plays – this hard-nosed, tough cop. She plays it so well.

“It’s really tough for Spider. Swain turns the screw on Spider and places him in an almost impossible position. The cliffhanger is, does he crumble or does he not?”

This week, Toyah tells Spider that she crashed the car on purpose and wanted to kill Imran. Spider doesn’t want to hear this, does he?

“He’s almost putting his fingers in his ears going: ‘No! No! No!'”

Once Spider has this information, is he prepared to give it away to his police colleagues?

“I don’t want to give the game away! But I think we all know what sort of person Spider is and how he feels about Toyah.”

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Is Spider shocked to find out that Toyah is capable of doing this?

“I don’t think that Spider feels the confession’s real. It’s a case of Toyah being under enormous pressure and enormous stress.

“With the kind of person Toyah is, she would blame herself and I think that’s how Spider sees it. I just don’t think he believes that she would have acted with malice and forethought.”

If Toyah gets off at the trial, could they make a go of their relationship again?

“They’re two people who have a strong history and they’re at a stage of their lives where the history doesn’t actually count against you, it counts for you. I hope that they try and work something out.”

We’ve seen Spider heavily involved in activism. Does it affect his work with the police?

“I’ve got to be careful what I say now, because I don’t want to give away a major storyline we’ve got coming up.

“Spider is still incredibly committed. He believes in the cause. There are those who would perhaps endanger the cause, but Spider is there fighting for what’s right in the world. He wants to do right, he wants the world to be a better place and he wants the world to be happier. That’s it, really!”

We’ll see him involved with another host of stories and characters. Are you excited for that?

“Yeah, there’s one side where you could say: ‘Couldn’t he just come back and be the same old loveable, huggy person?’ And yes, he is. He’s still all that.

“But he’s also an adult and he’s got issues to fight and things he needs to get done. He’s somebody who’s always been an activist, so he will actively try to make the world a better place.”

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How are you finding soap fame second time around?

“Second time around, I’m older and wiser and calmer. I’m able to enjoy it a lot more. It’s been really, really very pleasant and lovely. Working with Georgia Taylor again, Jane Danson, the whole gang.

“I’ve said this before in other interviews, but I do really, really love working with them. A lot of the crew are the same again, and the press office. It’s lovely seeing everyone. It’s all very positive.”

What kind of reaction do you get on the street?

“It’s been really nice. It’s not been as abusive as first time around, so far! People have been very, very kind. People are really happy to see him back.

“I think people are concerned that I make sure Toyah’s okay. Everyone’s very concerned about Toyah!”

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